I am Sam

Hello, I’m Sam, a writer and researcher with interests in psychology, neuroscience, human behavior, personal development, and creative expression.

I’m the author of Connecting the Dots: Learning How to Learn for Modern Day Thinkers—a journey through the brain, the mind, the environment, and the future, providing a well-rounded picture of why learning is essential and how to best achieve it.

I’ve written blog posts, long form articles, material for email courses, and web copy. My work has appeared on DIYGenius.com, UltimateDiscipline.com, KeepInspiring.me, Fitplan.io, and HighExistence.com.

Outside of writing my passion for exploring creativity appears in my hobby as a music composer and illustrator. I also enjoy frequenting many online educators such as Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, CreativeLive, and EdX, in an attempt to learn and expand on my abilities.